This is a overview to farming Ambers, a product in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn wright here to gain Ambers, its buy and market prices, and also what you have the right to do with it.

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Amber General Info

Amber Item Type
A fossilized resin via a caramelesque sheen to it. It"s been valued as a component in decorations and crafting given that ancient times.

Amber Buy Prices

Buy Price

Wright here to Farm Ambers

Amber Locations and also Sources

Sources Dropped By
・Ores・Monster Drop
Frost PebblitIgneo PebblitStone PebblitStone Talus (Rare)
Stone Talus (Luminous)Stone TalusYiga BlademasterGolden Lizalfos
Silver LizalfosGolden MoblinSilver MoblinGolden Bokoblin
Silver Bokoblin

What To Do With Ambers

Sell for Rupees

Amber deserve to be sold for 30 Rupees. However, we recommfinish looking right into various other uses rather.

Item Sell Price
Amber 30

Use It for Cooking

Amber can be used to whip up the complying with recipes and elixirs.

Tbelow are no entries for this item.

Use It for Armor Upgrades

Amber have the right to be offered to upgrade the adhering to armor with Great Fairies.

Amber EarringsHylian HoodHylian TrousersHylian Tunic
Cap of TimeTunic of TimeTrocustomers of Time

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Where to Farm Ambers: Locations and also Prices

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