Before shoot a shot from a tiny boat there needs to be security in stimulate to aim the target well and prevent stray bullets. The stability also helps in preventing crashes which may occur with the separation, personal, instance falling into the sea as soon as attempting to fire a shot. This is the an ext reason why the watercraft should be quit with the motor gift turned off and also anchoring or securing the boat.

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A box has sides of 10 cm, 8.2 cm, and also 3.5 cm. What is that is volume?
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The volume would certainly be 287cm³. Multiply all the 3 number by each other
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The switch is released and the door locks. Explain in detail how this happens.
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The steel bolt is attractive to the electromagnet. The pressure of attraction in between the electromagnet\"s core and also the iron bolt is higher than the force of the spring, therefore the steel bolt is pulled the end of its real estate in the door


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Two box are linked by a string. The an initial box has actually a mass of 4.2 kg and the
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A block of massive 0.250 kg is placed on optimal of a light, vertical feather of force constant 5 000 N/m and also pushed bottom so that th
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Given that,

Mass ar on spring is


Force continuous of feather is


Compression of feather is


The mass starts from rest, climate it\"s early stage velocity u=0m/s

Maximum height?

Energy in spring is converted to change in Potential energy and change in kinetic power

Energy in spring is given as




Gravitational potential energy is offered as

P.E = mgh


m is mass

g is gravitational consistent 9.81m/s²

h is elevation reached by object

Change in potential energy is provided as

Not the initial height h that the thing is zero h=0, therefore we want to find the final height (H)

∆P.E= mgH - mgh

∆P.E= 0.25×9.81×H -0.25×9.81×0

∆P.E= 2.4525H -0

∆P.E= 2.4525H

Change in kinetic energy is 0J, the thing starts from remainder then, the initial velocity is 0m/s and also when it obtain to best height, the velocity at maximum elevation is 0m/s,

Change in kinetic energy is provided as

∆K.E=½mVf² - ½mVi²

∆K.E= 0J


U= ∆P.E +∆K.E

25=2.4525H +0




Maximum elevation reached by the round is 10.194m The pressure does not change.


The force in between two charges q₁ and q₂ is:

F = k*(q₁*q₂)/r^2


k is a constant.

r is the distance between the charges.

Now, if we increase the fee of each bit two times, then the brand-new charges will certainly be: 2*q₁ and also 2*q₂.

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If we likewise increase the distance between the charges two times, the brand-new distance will certainly be 2*r

Then the new force in between them is:

F = k*(2*q₁*2*q₂)/(2*r)^2 = k*(4*q₁*q₂)/(4*r^2) = (4/4)*k*(q₁*q₂)/r^2 = k*(q₁*q₂)/r^2

This is specifically the same as we had actually at the beginning, then we have the right to conclude the if we boost each the the charges 2 times and the distance between the charges 2 times, the force in between the charges does not change.