21) Based on your reading of the chapter instance mentioning PC Connection, their implementation of a new order fulfillment system is an instance of A. BPR. B. rationalization of steps. C. automation. D. a paradigm shift.

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22) The 4 kinds of structural organizational readjust enabled by IT, in order from least to many risky, are A. rationalization, automation, reengineering, and also redeveloping. B. rationalization, automation, reengineering, and also paradigm transition. C. automation, rationalization, reengineering, and paradigm transition. D. automation, redeveloping, restructuring, and paradigm shift.
23) Company procedures are analyzed, simplified, and redesigned in A. BPR. B. rationalization of measures. C. automation. D. a paradigm transition.
24) In automation A. business procedures are simplified. B. organization procedures are reorganized to cut waste and get rid of repetitive, paper-intensive jobs. C. traditional operating actions are systematized to remove bottlenecks. D. employees are allowed to perdevelop their tasks even more properly.
25) Based on your analysis of the chapter, the rearchitecture of mortgage application process by significant mortgage financial institutions was an instance of which type of business change? A. automation B. paradigm change C. business process reengineering D. restructuring
26) The process of streamlining service procedures so that documents can be relocated easily and efficiently is dubbed A. service procedure redesign B. automation C. occupational flow management D. rationalization
27) Which of the following statements around business procedure redesign is NOT true? A. It is generally an recurring effort by a firm that continually readjusts and also steps the effectiveness of brand-new steps. B. It typically concentrates on one or 2 strategic organization processes that need radical adjust. C. BPR tasks tend to be expensive and organizationally disruptive. D. To judge performance, the performance of a company process must be measured both prior to and after reengineering.
28) ________ provide(s) a methodology and also tools for handling the organization"s ongoing must reviseand also ideally optimizeits plenty of inner company procedures and also procedures common through various other institutions. A. BPR B. BPM C. CASE devices D. TQM
29) Enabling establishments to make continuous renovations to many type of company procedures and also to usage procedures as the standard structure blocks of corporate information units is the goal of A. BPM. B. BPR. C. redesign. D. job-related circulation administration.
30) The idea that the accomplishment of quality control is an end in itself defines a main concept of A. BPM. B. BPR. C. six sigma. D. TQM.
31) Which process establishes a comprehensive summary of the functions that a brand-new indevelopment mechanism must perform? A. feasibility study B. needs evaluation C. devices design D. test setup development
32) The entire system-structure effort is moved by A. business readjust. B. feasibility research studies. C. the indevelopment worth chain. D. user indevelopment demands.
33) Solution design: A. describes what a mechanism should execute to accomplish information needs. B. reflects how the brand-new system will meet the information requirements. C. identifies which users need what indevelopment, where, once and exactly how. D. is pertained to with the logical watch of the device solution.
34) System design specifications that resolve the category of database architecture problems will incorporate specifications for A. transaction volume and also rate requirements. B. information entry. C. task style. D. routine logic and also computations.
35) Transferring information from a legacy system to the brand-new device would certainly be identified whereby category of device design specifications? A. input B. database C. hands-on steps D. conversion
36) Determining techniques for feedback and error handling would be defined through which category of mechanism design specifications? A. training and also documentation B. user interconfront C. manual measures D. protection and controls
37) Unit trial and error A. has all the preparations for the series of tests to be performed on the mechanism. B. tests the functioning of the mechanism in its entirety in order to identify if discrete modules will certainly attribute together as planned. C. tests each regimen individually. D. provides the last certification that the mechanism is all set to be supplied in a manufacturing setting.
38) System experimentation A. contains all the preparations for the series of tests to be perdeveloped on the mechanism. B. tests the functioning of the device all at once in order to recognize if discrete modules will certainly attribute together as planned. C. tests each regime individually. D. provides the last certification that the device is ready to be supplied in a production establishing.
39) Acceptance trial and error A. contains all the preparations for the series of tests to be performed on the mechanism. B. tests the functioning of the mechanism as a whole in order to determine if discrete modules will feature together as planned. C. tests each program individually. D. offers the last certification that the mechanism is ready to be provided in a manufacturing setting.
40) In a parallel conversion strategy, the brand-new system A. is tested by an outsourced agency. B. replaces the old one at an appointed time. C. and also the old are run together. D. is introduced in stperiods.
41) In the direct cutover convariation strategy, the new system A. is tested by an outsourced firm. B. replaces the old one at an appointed time. C. and also the old are run together. D. is introduced in stages.
42) Changes in hardware, software application, documentation, or production to a manufacturing system to correct errors, fulfill new demands, or boost handling efficiencies are termed A. compliance. B. production. C. maintenance. D. acceptance.
43) In what stage of systems advance are design specifications created? A. units analysis B. systems architecture C. experimentation D. conversion
44) The major tool for representing a system"s component procedures and the flow of information between them is the A. information dictionary. B. procedure specifications diagram. C. user documentation. D. information circulation diagram.
45) To understand also and specify the contents of data flows and also information store, system home builders usage A. a file dictionary. B. procedure specifications diagrams. C. user documentation. D. information flow diagrams.
46) To show each level of a system"s design, its relationship to various other levels, and also its area in the in its entirety architecture framework, structured methodologies usage A. framework charts. B. Gantt and also PERT charts. C. process specifications. D. data flow diagrams.
47) An whole indevelopment mechanism is broken dvery own into its subsystems by utilizing A. high-level information flow diagrams. B. low-level data circulation diagrams. C. process specifications. D. structured diagrams.
48) In object-oriented advancement A. the course is provided as the fundamental unit of systems evaluation and also design. B. a things is a repertoire of information that is acted on by outside processes. C. handling logic stays within objects. D. a strict, step-by-action advancement process is essential.
49) In an object-oriented advance framework for a university, how would certainly the classes Degree, Mathematics, and also Physics be related? A. Degree would certainly be a sister class to Mathematics and Physics. B. Degree is a superclass to Mathematics and also Physics. C. Mathematics and also Physics would be ancestors to Degree. D. Degree would certainly be a subclass to Mathematics and Physics.
50) Object-oriented modeling is based on the ideas of A. objects and also relationships. B. classes and also objects. C. course and also inheritance. D. objects and also inheritance.
51) Object-oriented advancement could potentially minimize the moment and cost of creating software bereason A. object-oriented programming needs less training. B. iterative protoinputting is not compelled. C. objects are reusable. D. a solitary user interchallenge object deserve to be offered for the whole application.
52) CASE tools automate A. the tedious and also error-susceptible portions of evaluation and design. B. code generation. C. experimentation. D. every one of the over.
53) The oldest technique for structure indevelopment systems is A. component-based advance. B. prototyping. C. object-oriented advance. D. the systems breakthrough lifecycle.
54) In the standard devices development lifecycle, end users: A. are vital and continuous members of the team from the original analysis phase through maintenance. B. are important only in the experimentation phases. C. have no input. D. are restricted to offering information requirements and also reviewing the technical staff"s occupational.
55) In which type of units structure are the breakthrough steras arranged so that jobs in one phase are completed before the work in the following stage begun? A. traditional B. prototyping C. RAD D. All of the above
56) As a technical project manager you have chose to propose implementing a protokeying methodology for a tiny Web-based design project. What is the order of steps you will follow in this project? A. Develop the prototype; use the prototype; revise and improve the prototype. B. Identify user demands, build the protokind, use the protoform, revise and also enhance the prototype. C. Define the demands, develop solutions, pick the best prototype, and implement the prototype. D. Define the requirements, develop the protoform, revise and also enhance the protoform.
57) A units building approach in which the device is developed as succeeding versions, each variation showing requirements even more accurately, is described to be A. end-user oriented. B. iterative. C. object-oriented. D. agile.
58) Which form of fourth-generation language devices are end-customers a lot of likely to work with? A. report generators and query languages B. report generators and also application generators C. PC software tools and query languages D. PC software devices and report generators
59) Which form of fourth-generation language tool consists of preprogrammed modules that have the right to be provided to develop whole applications? A. COMPUTER software application devices B. report generators C. application generators D. application software packages
60) When units are produced rapidly, without a formal advancement methodology A. end individuals have the right to take over the job-related of IT experts. B. the organization conveniently outgrows the brand-new mechanism. C. hardware, software program, and also high quality requirements are less essential. D. trial and error and documentation may be insufficient.
61) Management need to control the advance of end-user applications by A. arising a formal breakthrough methodology. B. requiring price justification for end-user IS jobs. C. creating standards for user-occurred applications. D. both B and also C. E. both A and B.
62) Fourth-generation devices cannot rearea traditional breakthrough devices because they A. cannot manage huge numbers of transactions or substantial logic. procedural B. are not designed to combine via heritage devices. C. perform not incorpoprice approaches for documentation. D. execute not incorpoprice techniques for trial and error.
63) If an organization"s requirements dispute through the software package preferred and the package cannot be customized, the company will certainly need to A. change its procedures. B. outsource the development of the device. C. restyle the RFP. D. readjust the testimonial procedure.
64) Hidden costs such as ________ can quickly underreduced anticipated benefits from outsourcing. A. security vendors to make sure they frequently are fulfilling their contractual duties B. transitioning to a new vendor C. identifying and evaluating vendors of information innovation services D. all of the above
65) The procedure of producing workable indevelopment devices in a very brief duration of time is called A. RADVERTISEMENT. B. JAD. C. protoinputting. D. B and C.

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66) Which form of units advance is defined by considerably speeding up the architecture phase and also the generation of indevelopment demands and including customers at an intense level? A. RADVERTISEMENT B. JADVERTISEMENT C. protoinputting D. end-user development
67) You are an IT task manager for an declaring firm. The firm wishes to develop an virtual tool that will be provided to survey emphasis team reactions to assets in advancement. The the majority of essential consideration for the firm is being able to market the tool as shortly as possible as a new corporate service. However before, you know that many of the senior supervisors that are service owners of this project have obstacle in understanding technological or software program advancement worries, and also are likely to readjust their demands during the course of breakthrough. What breakthrough approach would certainly be the majority of effective for this project? A. RADVERTISEMENT B. JADVERTISEMENT C. end-user development D. prototyping
68) Groups of objects are assembled into software application components for widespread functions, which can be merged into large-scale company applications, in which form of software program development? A. object-oriented advancement B. component-based development C. structured methodologies D. RAD
69) Contrasted to the use of proprietary components, Net solutions promise to be much less expensive and also much less difficult to implement because of A. their ability to incorporate seamlessly through tradition units. B. the usage of universal criteria. C. the ubiquity of the Web. D. the ability to reusage Net solutions components.
70) ________ advance concentrates on quick delivery of functioning software application by breaking a big project into a collection of little sub-projects that are completed in short durations of time using iteration and consistent feedearlier. A. Agile B. Rapid application C. Joint application D. Object-oriented