In the Fortnite fight Pass difficulties for Season 3 mainly 7, players room tasked with finding a sweetheart map in retail Row and also following its instructions to discover hidden treasure. Endowment maps in the game tend to be rather obscure, however this one seems relatively easy come follow when you discover the map itself so having actually a Fortnite sleeve Row treasure map guide should be more than enough to discover what you need. In this guide, we’ll explain where to go to collect the treasure significant on the retail Row sweetheart map in Fortnite fight Royale.

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Fortnite sleeve Row endowment Map

Since endowment maps don’t necessarily generate in the exact same spot each time, every we have the right to tell you because that finding the treasure map chin is to search throughout sleeve Row. We discovered the retail Row endowment map in the basement the the damaged brick building, but it might not be in the same ar for you. However, you have the right to still uncover the treasure there is no having uncovered the map first, as lengthy as you own the fight Pass and know wherein to look.

The retail Row endowment map in Fortnite indicates that over there is treasure come be discovered somewhere close to the hedge maze in Wailing Woods, specifically approximately the southwest sheet of the maze.


To discover the retail Row treasure, you must make your way toward the clearing in Wailing Woods. Land near the hedge maze and also search about the huge tree at the southwest corner of the maze. The endowment is located within the maze chin in section I3, simply north of the tree wherein the route hits a dead end.

If you’re in the right spot, a battle Star will certainly pop up from the ground. Collection the star to complete the sleeve Row treasure map difficulty and earn part easy battle Stars to put toward your Fortnite Season 3 battle Pass progression.


Once you have marked off the retail Row treasure map challenge on her list, you can move on to discover the hidden gnome locations compelled for another Week 7 an obstacle in Fortnite battle Royale.

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