Bluetooth Power classes-class1,class2,class3

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Bluetooth defines three main power classes used by the devices. Power control is used tokeep the radiation within the limit so that system works efficiently without interfering withthe neighbour bluetooth devices. The power control algorithm is designed between master and slave devicesusing link management protocol. The following table mentions distance coverage for each of the power classes.

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Power class typePower limitDistance coverage
Bluetooth power Class1 Output power of 100mW( 20 dBm) to achieve maximum range. Minimum power is 1mW.Power control is mandatory to have in this bluetooth power class.100 meter
Bluetooth power Class2Max. output power 2.4mW(+4dBm) Min. output power 0.25mW(-6dBm), Power control is optional in this bluetooth power class. 10 meter
Bluetooth power Class3Lowest output power is possible with this power class, nominal is 1mW. 1 meter


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