The Royal Fire Slug is just one of the Fire Slugs found in the Underground Tunnel



Royal Fire Slug - You there! Boy! Did Braccus send you? Is he prepared to apologise?

Ifan ben-Mezd — *Sense the precariousness of your situation and also play along. Say you were sent out to deliver a Message.*

Royal Fire Slug ‘ Silence! I will not have actually the grovelling of that waid Braccus delivered by some half—wit servant! Only as soon as he prostprices himself prior to me will I also begin to consider the idea of foroffering him!

Ifan ben-Mezd - *Keep up the Charade, asking if a lowly servant prefer yourself have the right to enquire as to what Braccus did to her.*

Royal Fire Slug - You truly are a dim-witted speciguys, aren"t you? I was to be wed to Braccus, however he flew into a rage after a lovers" tiff... He put a curse on me, and every one of my courtiers, transdeveloping us right into the beasts you watch before you! He"ll involved his senses, sooner or later on. Then he"ll beg me for forgiveness!

Ifan ben—Mezd - *Say that you"ll gladly bring the message to him, if she were to let you pass...*

Narrator — *The slug"s features crease into a look of what can be suspicion.*

Royal Fire Slug - You seem in an awful hurry to leave... an awful hurry... you understand what that renders you seem choose to me...? A SPY!

Ifan ben-Mezd - *Say that you can never before betray a majestic being such as herself... your intentions are pure as moved scurrently.*‘

Narrator - Persuasion Success!

Royal Fire Slug — Hrrm. Perhaps you"re not a spy then. But there"s something off about you... If you"re truly a servant of Braccus, then you have to know in which hand also he wields his axe... left, or right?

Ifan ben-Mezd - *Shoot back that her question is ridiculous.*

Royal Fire Slug - Ah! Undoubtedly it is, for Braccus"s axe is two—handed, of course... clearly you are that you insurance claim. Take this message to Braccus - tell him I"m still awaiting his apology, and also my patience is wearing thin. Now go!

Ifan ben-Mezd - *Before you leave, ask that her Royal Highness repeat her tale of woe — the civilization need to understand of their princess"s plight.

Royal Fire Slug - Hmm... I suppose the little folk of Rivellon need to know my tale... all wtoo after my engagement to Braccus for a time. But then — then — he began to pay much less attention to me... He had mind only to play roughly with his blasted Source follies! I gave him a great tongue- lashing around it in front of the entirety court! But, well... it didn"t have actually the preferred outcome... He transmogrified me and also all my servants into the beasts you see before you.

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I will certainly not yield though! I remain nobility, best to my extremely core!




Strategy Guide/Tips

When asked around what hand also Braccus wields his axe, you have to answer that the question is ridiculous. This is bereason Braccus"s axe is 2—handed.If you answer "Left Hand" or "Right Hand", the Royal Fire Slug will assault you.


"You again! No messenger can have done their duty appropriately in such a short time — go and provide my letter, or I"ll have actually you shed to a cinder!"
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