The date on which a cash dividend becomes a binding legal obligation is on the...a) Declaration dateb) Date of Recordc) Payment Dated) Last Day of the Fiscal Year

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Which of the following is NOT a prerequisite to paying a cash dividend?a) formal activity by the board of directors b) market value in excess of par value per share c) enough cash d) adequate preserved earnings
Treasury stock shares are...a) shares hosted by the U.S. Treasury Department b) part of the total exceptional shares but not component of the total issued shares of a corporationc) unissued shares that are organized by the treasurer of the corporationd) issued shares that have actually been regot by a corporation
When a stock dividfinish is declared, which of the complying with accounts is credited?a) Common Stock b) Dividfinish Payable c) Stock Dividends Distributable d) Retained Earnings
Which of the following is NOT included in the calculation of Wages Per Share?a) Net Income b) Retained Earnings c) Average Number of Typical Shares Outstanding d) Preferred Dividends
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