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Answer: 36). D). Plant’s cell walls are comprised of cellulose Explanation: Cellushed is existing in the cell wevery one of plant cells 37). A). removing hydrogen ions once problems become too acidic and also adding hydrogen ions when problems come to be as well basic…View the full answer

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Transcribed photo text: 36) Which of the adhering to is true of cellulose? A) Animals store glucose as cellushed. B) Plants keep glucose as cellulose C) Plants store amino acids as cellulose. D) Plants' cell walls are made up of cellulose. 36) 37) Buffering units work-related to maintain pH within normal borders by 37) A) removing hydrogen ions when problems come to be also acidic and adding hydrogen ions when problems come to be also fundamental B) including hydrogen ions when conditions becomes too acidic. C) adding hydroxide ions when problems come to be as well standard D) including hydrogen ions once conditions end up being also acidic and also removing hydrogen ions when conditions become too fundamental 38) 38) Which of the adhering to is an exact description of the plasma membrane? A) It separates the naclear contents from the atmosphere B) It is a phospholipid bilayer embedded via proteins. C) It is permeable to all substances D) It is a solid product 39) 39) The distinction between one amino acid and also another is the A) number of R teams each consists of B) way their amino teams bond via carboxyl groups ) difference in the chemical properties of their amino and carboxyl groups D) type of R team each contains E) variety of amino and carboxyl groups each contains 40) Plasmodesmata and also gap junctions are comparable in that they A) are both affiliated in protein synthesis B) enable cells to connect with each other C) develop a protective lining approximately cells D) administer structural support to cells. 40% 41) All of the adhering to are functions of proteins other than A) enayme activity B) hormone activity C) storing genetic information. D) serving as structural building materials E) serving as transfer molecules 41) 42) A secretory protein that exits from the ER within a vesicle will head directly to the A) nucleus. B) plasma membrane C) cytosol. D) mitochondria E) Golgi facility 43) Which of the complying with includes both a carboxyl group and also an amino group? A) nucleotides C) lipids 43) B) amino acids D) carbohydrates B-5