which the the complying with statements concerning the framework of DNA is false?A) Watson and also Crick obtained a Nobel Prize because that their summary of the structure of DNA.B) The DNA molecule has a uniform diameter.C) The succession of nucleotides follow me the size of a single DNA strand is restricted by the base-pairing rules.D) In a DNA molecule, adenine bonds to thymine and guanine come cytosine.

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Which that the adhering to statements regarding a DNA twin helix is true?A)The amount of adenin is same to the lot of guanine, and also the amount of thymine is same to the lot of cytosine.B)The quantity of adenine is same to the lot of thymine, and also the quantity of guanine is equal to the quantity of cytosine.C)The quantity of adenine is equal to the amount of uracil, and the amount of guanine is equal to the amount of cytosine.D)The amount of adenine is equal to the amount of cytosine, and also the amount of guanine is equal to the amount of thymine.
The two strands the a DNA molecule are joined come each various other through _____.A) covalent bonds between carbon atoms in deoxyribose moleculesB) hydrogen bonds in between nucleotide basesC) ionic bonds in between guanine and also cytosineD) covalent bonds in between nitrogen atoms in adenine and also in thymine
Which that the following techniques to be most valuable to Watson and Crick in determining the framework of DNA?A) electrophoresisB) copy DNAC) X-ray crystallographyD) radiation labeling
The information brought by a DNA molecule is in _____.A) the order of the nucleotides in the moleculeB) the amino mountain sequenceC) the sugars and also phosphates forming its backboneD) the total variety of nucleotides it contains
A gene is normally _____.A) the information for do a polypeptideB) do by a ribosomeC) do of RNAD) the very same thing together a chromosome
Which that the following events occurs throughout transcription?HintsThe article in mRNA is analyzed into a protein.mRNA binding to a ribosome in the cytoplasm.A molecule that RNA is formed based on the sequence of nucleotides in DNA.A cap is added to the RNA molecule.Those segments of the RNA strand that execute not actually code for the protein space removed.
Which the the following events occurs throughout transcription?A) The message in mRNA is translated into a protein.B) mRNA binding to a ribosom in the cytoplasm.C) A molecule of RNA is formed based upon the succession of nucleotides in DNA.D) A cap is included to the RNA molecule.E) Those segments of the RNA strand that do not actually password for the protein are removed.
Which of the following is a exactly statement around mRNA?A) mRNA includes a lid that consists of extra adenine nucleotides.B) segments of mRNA that password for protein space removed prior to translation.C) mRNA binds straight to amino acids throughout translation.D) mRNA moves from the nucleus come the cytoplasm following RNA processing.E) mRNA is transcribed indigenous DNA in the cytoplasm.
The site of translate into isA) ribosomes in the cell nucleus.B) the Golgi apparatus.C) the plasma membrane.D) the cell nucleus.E) ribosomes in the cell cytoplasm.
Which one of the adhering to does not play a role in translation?A) RibosomesB) Amino acidsC) AnticodonD) tRNAE) DNA
Which that the adhering to does no occur during RNA processing?A) segments of the RNA strand that carry out not actually code for the protein room removed.B) mRNA attaches to the tiny subunit the a ribosome.C) adenin nucleotides are included to the end of the RNA strand, creating a tail.D) A modified guanine nucleotide is included to the start of the RNA strand as a cap.E) segments of RNA that do code for the protein room reconnected.
Which that the following alternatives best depicts the circulation of information when a gene directs the synthesis of a cellular component?A) DNA → RNA → proteinB) protein → RNA → DNAC) RNA → DNA → RNA → proteinD) DNA → tRNA → mRNA → protein
The deliver of genetic information indigenous DNA come RNA is calledA) initiation.B) translation.C) elongation.D) transcription.
Experiments have actually demonstrated that the "words" the the hereditary code (the units that clues amino acids) areA) nucleotide assignment of assorted lengths.B) two-nucleotide sequences.C) single nucleotides.D) three-nucleotide sequences.
When messenger RNA (mRNA) is being transcribed, the RNA base _____ always pairs v the base _____ in DNA.A) U ... AB) T ... GC) U ... TD) A ... U
We would expect that a 15-nucleotide succession that contains a avoid codon in ~ the end (as part of the 15-nucleotide sequence) will straight the manufacturing of a polypeptide that is composed ofA) four amino acids.B) five amino acids.C) 3 amino acids.D) two amino acids.

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In the hereditary code,A) some codons specify an ext than one amino acid.B) plenty of amino acids space specified by an ext than one codon.C) some codons consist of 2 nucleotides.D) some amino acids space not mentioned by any codons.