Which of the following traits was most vital in allowing the first plants to relocate onto land?

A. The advance of sporopollenin to prevent the desiccation of zygotes

B. Peroxisome enzymes that minimize losses from photorespiration

C. Apical meristems

D. Alternation of generations

E. Rings of cellulose-synthesizing complexes

Which term below is the proposed kingdom that would certainly encompass embryophytes and charophytes?

A. Streptophyta

B. Pteridophyta

C. Bryophyta

D. Viridiplantae

E. Plantae


Which of these represents the sporophyte generation of the moss life cycle?

A. B

B. D

C. C

D. E

E. A

The sperm produced by mosses require _____ to reach an archegonium.

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A. The advancement of a flower

B. Wind

C. Moisture

D. Animals

E. Eight

In mosses gametes are developed by _____; in ferns gametes are created by _____.

A. Mitosis ... mitosis

B. Meiosis ... mitosis

C. Binary fission ... mitosis

D. Mitosis ... meiosis

E. Meiosis ... meiosis

The adaptation that made possible the emigration of dry land also atmospheres by seed plants is the majority of likely the result of the advancement of _____.

A. Pollen

B. Cones

C. Ovules

D. Sporophylls

E. Heterospory

All seed plants _____.

A. Are heterosporous

B. Exhilittle bit a dominant gametophyte generation

C. Are nonvascular

D. Produce flowers

E. Produce antheridia and also archegonia on the very same gametophyte


1. Cycads Only

2. Ginkgos Only

3. Gnetophytes Only

4. Conifers Only

5. All Gymnosperms


- Redwoods

- Pines

- All species create cones

- Leaves have actually fanfavor appearance

- Includes three genera that differ significantly in appearance

- Only one living species today

- Have palmprefer leaves

- Undergo alternation of generations

- Seeds carry out not create in an enclosed structure

Cycads Only:

- Have palmlike leaves

Ginkgos Only:

- Leaves have fanlike appearance

- Only have one living species today

Gnetophytes Only:

- Includes 3 genera that differ substantially in appearance

Conifers Only:

- Redwood

- Pines

- All species develop cones

All Gymnosperms:

- Undergo alternation of generations

- Seeds perform not create in an enclosed structure



a. Meiosis

b. Mitosis

c. Haploid

d. Gametophyte

e. Pollination

f. Diploid

g. Gametophyte

h. Diploid

i. Diploid

j. Sporophyte

Etc. Meiosis


Ovules are uncovered within structure _____.

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

E. E

Which of these is distinct to flowering plants?

A. An embryo surrounded by nutritive tissue

B. Pollen production

C. A dominant sporophyte generation

D. Double fertilization

E. Haploid gametophytes

The male gametophytes of flowering plants are likewise referred to as _____.

A. Megaspores

B. Endosperm

C. Embryo sacs

D. Male sporophytes

E. Pollen grains

In flowering plants the integuments of the ovule build right into a(n) _____.

A. Endosperm

B. Sporophyte

C. Fruit

D. Seed coat

E. Cotyledon

A carpel is created of _____.

A. Stigma, style, and ovary

B. Zygote, anther, and also endosperm

C. Ovary, ovule, and also anther

D. Ovule, megasporocyte, and also anther

E. Petal, sepal, and also stamen

A staguys is composed of _____.

A. Stigma and also style

B. Odiffer and also sepal

C. Anther and also filament

D. Stigma and also filament

E. Stigma and anther

In angiosperms, pollicountry is the move of pollen grain to the _____ of a flower on the same plant or one more plant of the exact same species.

A. Style

B. Ovary

C. Anther

D. Ovulate cone

E. Stigma

Angiosperms are the majority of closely regarded _____.

A. Gymnosperms

B. Green algae

C. Charophyceans

D. Seedmuch less vascular plants

E. Bryophytes

Which of these was the leading plant team at the moment that dinosaurs were the leading animals?

A. Bryophytes

B. Gymnosperms

C. Angiosperms

D. Seedmuch less vascular plants

E. Charophyceans


This is an image of a(n) _____.

A. Bryophyte

B. Seedmuch less vascular plant

C. Angiosperm

D. Charophycean

E. Gymnosperm

Plants progressed from green algae about _____ million years back.

A. 2,200

B. 130

C. 3,500

D. 400

E. 475

_____ are an instance of seedless vascular plants.

A. Lilacs

B. Charophyceans

C. Pine trees

D. Ferns

E. Mosses

The living plants that are many equivalent to the first plants to bear gametangia are the _____.

A. Seedmuch less vascular plants

B. Angiosperms

C. Charophyceans

D. Bryophytes

E. Gymnosperms

When you look at a pine or maple tree, the plant you see is a _____.

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A. Triploid endosperm

B. Diploid gametophyte

C. Haploid sporophyte

D. Diploid sporophyte

E. Haploid gametophyte

In mosses gametes are produced by _____; in ferns gametes are produced by _____.