The an initial statement is true because in a solution, the paticles work out out, and also you have the right to like no much longer see them. An example of this would certainly be when you do kool-aid becuase the particles work out out after you mix the together, and also you can\"t seperate that either.

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A tank in ~ is filled with of boron trifluoride gas and of chlorine pentafluoride gas. You can assume both gases act as best g

The concern is incomplete, here is the finish question:

A 5.00 l tank at 4.19°C is filled v 16.7 g that boron trifluoride gas and 9.15 g the chlorine pentafluoride gas. You can assume both gases law as best gases under this conditions. Calculate the mole portion and partial press of each gas, and also the total pressure in the tank. Be certain your occupychristmas.orgs have the correct number of far-ranging digits.

a. Mole portion of boron trifluoride:

b. Partial pressure of boron trifluoride:

c. Mole fraction of chlorine pentafluoride:

d. Partial pressure of chlorine pentafluoride:

e. Complete pressure in tank:

For a: Mole fraction of boron trifluoride is 0.778

For b: Partial push of boron trifluoride is 1.12 atm

For c: Mole fraction of chlorine pentafluoride is 0.222

For d: Partial pressure of chlorine pentafluoride is 0.320 atm

For e: full pressure in tank is 1.44 atm


To calculate the number of moles, we usage the equation:


For boron trifluoride:

Given mass of boron trifluoride = 16.7 g

Molar mass of boron trifluoride = 67.8 g/mol

Putting values in equation 1, we get:


For chlorine pentafluoride:

Given mass of chlorine pentafluoride = 9.15 g

Molar mass of chlorine pentafluoride = 130.5 g/mol

Putting worths in equation 1, us get:


To calculation the pressure of the tank, we use the equation provided by right gas i m sorry follows:



P = push of the tank = ?

V = Volume that the tank = 5.00 L

T = Temperature that the gas =

K=277.19K\" alt=\"4.19^oC=<4.19+273>K=277.19K\" align=\"absmiddle\" class=\"latex-formula\">

R = Gas constant =


n = Total number of moles of the tank = <0.246 + 0.070> = 0.316 moles

Putting values in above equation, us get:


Mole portion of a substance is given by:


To calculate the partial pressure, we usage the equation provided by Raoult\"s law, i beg your pardon is: