Who is Whitney method Thore?

Whitney way Thore is an American public number who serves together an activist, dancer, and internet celebrity. She is best known in the United says for her display appearances ~ above TLC’s reality collection My huge Fat Fabulous Life.

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Though she was born in Greensboro, north Carolina, Thore relocated to southern Korea after ~ graduating from college where she taught English to school children.

In 2014, Thore established No human body Shame, a worldwide movement to assist people that every variety live their lives fully, passionately, and free of shame. For the movement, Thore also opened a website and blog whereby she connect with other fat accept activists.

After her return to the USA, Thore served as the on-air producer the the Greensboro, north Carolina, radio present Jared & Katie in the Morning ~ above 107.5 KZL. The show created “107.5 KZL’s Fat Girl Dancing” videos i m sorry went famous leading to substantial popularity. This also allowed her to promote her article of human body acceptance and positive human body image. Together a result, she to be featured on several media outlets among them alphabet News, NBC’s today Show, and also The Huffington Post.


A picture of Whitney method Thore

She then released her memoir I carry out It v the lights On and 10 more Discoveries on the roadway to a Blissfully Shame-Free Life in may 2016.

How Old is Whitney method Thore?

Thore is 36 year old together of 2020 since he to be born top top April 14, 1984, in Greensboro, phibìc Carolina, joined States.

Whitney method Thore’s Parents and also Siblings

Thore to be born to Glenn Thore and also her mommy named Barbara “Babs” Thore. She has actually a brother named Hunter Thore.

Whitney means Thore Boyfriend

Thore met her quickly to it is in boyfriend chase Severino with Ryan Andreas, her service partner at NoBS Active. Severino to be Ryan’s ideal friends native college and also the two became an item.Still, in 2019, Whitney introduced Severino together her new boyfriend, and the pair navigated your relationship, managing Thore’s previous romantic interest Buddy Bell, who she kissed at the finish of the 5th season.

Severino and also Thore’s whole romance native crushes to dating to their engagement was part of the 6th season that My huge Fat Fabulous Life.

Whitney means Thore Engaged

The couple took a trip to Paris alongside your friend Ryan Andreas and Severino proposed in ~ the Eiffel Tower on October 9, 2019.The pair announced their engagement in December 2019 after keeping the huge news under wraps for two months.

On 21 may 2020, Thore revealed the she was no longer involved to Severino. She said that castle had damaged off their engagement after Thore learned the Severino had been with another woman. She mutual an Instagram picture of a black screen with a an extensive caption, sharing she feeling it to be time to describe the situation as she to be receiving questions and hearing rumors around their relationship.

Whitney means Thore My huge Fat Fabulous Life

Thore widely became known come the public appearing on TLC’s truth television collection My huge Fat Fabulous Life. The present chronicled Thore’s life and her mission to lose weight. The present has run for seven seasons.

Whitney means Thore load Loss

After a wellness disorder led to her come gain much more than 230 pounds (100 kg), Whitney was forced to provide up she one, true love: dancing, but after encouraging news from a doctor, she’s determined to display the human being she have the right to still move, even at 380 pounds (170 kg).

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Whitney method Thore net Worth

Thore’s network worth is not yet disclosed come the public. That is no yet known how much she safety on one illustration on My big Fat Fabulous Life.