s and, therefore, suffer from loneliness B. to highlight that those Americans who are lonely are ignorant of positive American features C. to compare loneliness to an undesirable illness or disease that is difficult to cure D. to suggest Americans feel loneliness as a positive emotion that aids development E. to show that Europeans, unlike Americans, have cured rampant loneliness


C. to compare loneliness to an undesirable illness or disease that is difficult to cure


McCuller describes Americans as people who are obsessed about loneliness. They do not want to be isolated from the rest. They always want to be with someone. Therefore, the writer uses the word malady since this refers to an illness that is hard to cure. This means, then, that the Americans will do whatever to escape loneliness since if one happens to be alone, that person will not be loved and will get isolated from society. This is exactly what any American will avoid.

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What do u mean by lingua franca​
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Its a common language used between people whose native languages are different.

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Which was established in the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)?
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Why did the dog finally trust Gordon in the wild dog of caucomgomoc
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The dog finally trust Gordon because he saved him from the bog mud and eventually changed his perception about humans.


The short story "The Wild Dog of Caucomgomoc" by Charles Boardman Hawes revolves around a wild hound and his relationship with a man. The story focuses on the hound"s nature as a mysterious and dangerous creature to that of becoming man"s companion.

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Despite staying away from humans for a long time, the wild dog helped save the young boy, 8-year-old Ned Low. And in that one night, he would also change his perception about humans and also change the humans" perception too. And eventually, being saved from the bog mud by Gordon Low, he became a faithful and looccupychristmas.orgl companion to him till his death.

The effort of Gordon to save not only the boy from the mud but also the bloodhound seemed to make the dog realize that humans are good and trustworthy. This is evident from the lines "that night the bloodhound seemed to recognize a new bond between himself and mankind; he seemed no longer to fear the man who had raised him from the bog."