As the title claims, Windows is, in my opinion, unfairly priced for consumers. $120 for the Home variation, and $200 for the Professional variation. I understand about the cheaper OEM versions, but these OEM versions (except the Professional OEM version at $120, which is at a reasonable price if it was the FULL version) are still overpriced considerably. The Windows 7 OEM Home Premium variation at ~$62, the one for Refurbiburned COMPUTER sales only, is what I would certainly say that is reasonably priced for the FULL Home version of any which Windows version (i.e. 7, 8.1, 10)

Now, I recognize that occurring this software application and also paying the programmers, coders, and also developers is a lot of money, and if Windows was developed by a little software application firm whose commodities have a tiny customer base, these prices of $120 and also $200 would certainly perfectly make feeling.

But this is Microsoft we"re talking around. And Windows is the many offered and sustained piece of software application in the PC human being now. Microsoft holds a syndicate on the majority of consumer oriented prebuilt and custom-built PCs, via bit competition from iOS, which is just intended to be provided through Apple"s grossly overpriced Mac PCs, and Linux not being a attractive market for many average COMPUTER individuals.

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So through Microsoft"s monopoly over the Preconstructed Consumer industry for their OS, you would certainly assume, also through the dramatically decreased sale price of Windows to these manufacturers, that Microsoft is making back their money spent on the advancement of Windows tenfold.

So why is Windows so expensive?Are the employees acquiring paid in tiny loans of a million dollars?Is this simply a example of corporate greed and also a corporation abusing its dominant status to overprice its product?If so, when is excellent "ole Teddy Roosevelt going to come back from the dead and break this monopoly up?

P.S. This is a severe question, I execute incredibly a lot believe that the Full versions of Windows are overpriced, and the just slightly cheaper (other than the Professional OEM version, as I previously said) OEM versions are still scams for their motherboard lock.

Thanks for your opinions and also conversation,Ging


Is this just a example of corpoprice greed and also a corporation abutilizing its leading standing to overprice its product?


The choices are Mac (also even more overpriced), and also open-resource operating devices such as Linux, which are mostly regarded as not extremely user-friendly, and lack some crucial programs such as Microsoft Office (funny, that).

I"ve had troubles with Linux... yet half of those are self-inflicted, being good sufficient via the Linux command line to get myself right into real trouble.

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In addition, many world are gaining preconstructed PCs, and execute not directly notification the price of the Windows operating mechanism. I strongly suspect the majority of $300 laptop computers deserve to only be profitable due to bulk discounts on OEM licenses.