"The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers" is a side pursuit in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You deserve to begin this quest on the Skellige Islands, for this it is recommended that the witcher be level 26 or greater.

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Wbelow to acquire the quest The sad tale of the brothers Grossbart

Take the pursuit deserve to be near the village of Blandare, at the crossroadways will be some Djenge Frett. The village is situated in relative proximity of the negotiation Rannvaig. This Djenge Frett will certainly ask Geralt for help, yet via one condition: Djenge Frett will occupational together with the gray-haired chudish hunter.

This dispute is as a result of the truth that it is virtually the finest headhunter on all Skellige islands. And that it is a good honor to work in tandem via such a expert and also specialist for any lost witch.


Naturally, we are interested in such arrogance and boasting. Geralt will ask for even more indevelopment concerning the planned occasion. At what the islander would certainly ask, they had actually never before heard of a witcher about such males as the Grossbarth brothers.

These men specialize just in the killing and also violence of innocent people, and also robbery, theft and plundering the graves of the departed. According to him, as shortly as the locals view these disgusting brothers Grossbart, they, without reasoning, instantly lock themselves in their houses and execute not put their nose into the street. But such a method for these males is not an obstacle, as they deserve to collection fire to the hut, if only the tenants take to the street. At the end of the dialogue, the finest bounty hunter Skelliga will certainly warn the witcher around the cunning plans and intentions of the brothers, and also also provide indevelopment around the places in which he has actually not even tried to look for these scoundrels.


It is in this direction that our journey is ahead to finish the search "The Sad tale of the Grossbarth Brothers". In order to discover these thugs, thieves and gangsters, Geralt will need to discover a boat and go under the pointer on the mini-map. The Grossbart brothers hid themselves well from the guards and also carefully hid in a tiny cave, which ssuggest could not be approached from land also. Swimming equipment witcher can gain on the pier in the settlement of Fyresdal.


If you decide to attempt to obtain to the lair of the bandits over land also, then the Witcher will still have to jump right into the water from that rock, under which our cave is situated. But it is strongly not recommfinished to perform so, since it is highly most likely that Geralt might break or simply fail to descend. Much much easier to usage the watercraft.


No issue just how strange it was, however the finest bounty hunter Skellige Dazhngo is currently waiting for us on the spot, in order to strike at as soon as at the unheard-of arrogance of the gangsters Grossbart. As shortly as Geralt enters the cave, he will have a dialogue via this Dazhngo. Here it is crucial to make the appropriate decision, given that the preferred answer will have its consequences:

We can work together;Better not count on me.

A good ending to the search - The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers

In order for the pursuit to be completed effectively, in the dialogue you have to answer that Geralt agrees to work together with Dazhngo. As quickly as the witcher gives such a solution, Django will fall headlengthy right into the cave and start to strike the Grossbarth brothers. Here you have to be extremely cautious. The trouble is that as soon as Dazhngo starts attacking the criminal brothers, a strip shows up on our window with a stock of his wellness. It is important to aid Django with all our toughness so that he will certainly not be killed.

If the bounty hunter is defeated and dies, the search will instantly be taken into consideration failed. But in this task tright here have to be no troubles. Originally, we grease our steel sword through the oil "Corpse of the Hanged Man", pick the "Quen" authorize and try to help Dazhngo as much as feasible. After all the criminals have actually been effectively eliminated, Django will certainly sell Geralt some various other means to job-related in tandem, to which the witcher will certainly give an unequivocal refusal.

Bad ending of the pursuit - The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers

If the gray-haired warrior answers: “You can’t not count on me,” then Django in one perkid will be compelled to attend to the bandits, and of course he will certainly get it exceptionally badly. As an outcome, he dies, and also our pursuit "The Sad tale of the Grossbart Brothers" acquires the condition of "Fail". So in any situation, do not attempt to answer Dazhngo with a refusal if you want to finish this quest on the Skelliga Islands.

IMPORTANT! As soon as the villains in the cave are beat, you need to not hurry and also automatically run ameans from tright here. Firstly, tbelow are the majority of valuable worths, particularly if you play on the challenge “Pain and suffering” and better, you must look approximately closely. But the major benefit of this scanty location is that in one of the chests the actual treasure for the witcher will certainly be concealed - drawings of the armor of the Bear School, which are considered to be nearly the many efficient in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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It is additionally worth looking roughly at the entrance to the cave, wright here tright here is a tiny climb, which will certainly should climb and also jump into the water. Under the water, we will uncover one more chest, which will please us with very, extremely satisfying loot.