Let’s start off this short article with a spoiler warning. I’ve check out episodes 1-6 of the visual Novel, for this reason if you’re not up to date, it is in warned due to the fact that I might spoil some elements of the story (also expect hefty spoilers indigenous the higurashi anime too).

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Now, it’s no doubt the the Umineko no Naku Koro ni franchise has had actually a substantial influence ~ above me (even the surname of mine blog was influenced by Higurashi and Umineko), however lately I’ve been quietly mirroring on just how it has actually influenced me. Ns think it’s fair to say the Umineko’s impact on my mind is unlike any kind of other anime, manga or visual novel I have encountered for this reason far. Sure, I have actually Clannad and also ef to give thanks to for welcoming right into the civilization of manly tears, and also I have actually Gurren Lagann come look ago on when I require a little of strength, however Umineko has had a various effect top top me, may be a much more profound one. There room a number of ways in which that has impacted the method I think around things, and this blog post will go into detail around just a number of them. However first, how does it execute this? just how does Umineko have actually such an affect on me? The answer is Ryukishi’s masterful writing. The means he intricately weaves with each other bottle letter of the Rokkenjima fixed Murder event of 1986, while paying equal attention to the magic, the meta, the meta-meta… Ryukishi is a god among writers, due to the fact that even whilst maintaining such one impossibly deep narrative complete of twisted mental games and convoluted plot twists, the knows exactly what’s walking on (it’s canon indigenous EP5 people). He knows precisely how the readership will react, and also plays through our reactions to produce the experience. Ryukishi is quite possibly one of the best literary mental of our generation, and also I deserve to proclaim the in red the his composing prowess has proven the worthy that the location of a creator witch, beyond the kingdom of ordinary humans. Ehehe. That said, allow me delve into just several of the methods that Umineko no Naku Koro ni has influenced mine thinking.


Probability is important to the mythos that Umineko, particularly when specifying the nature that magic in the series. There room three characters in certain which provoke thoughts of probability in the story: these gift Bernkastel, Lambdadelta, and Kinzo (or Goldsmith together his witch title). Ns can’t mental who pointed out it first, yet I’m pretty certain it was brought up very first in EP1 with Kinzo. Once trying to create the origins of the Rokkenjima wealth, a legend was developed by Kinzo that he obtained all the yellow by the alchemical strength of a witch named Beatrice. One logical translate of this myth is that Kinzo gained the riches through creating a number of ‘miracles’ in his financial quests to surmount an incredible fortune. Some may contact him crazy, but none deserve to deny the result. On the illusionary level, Kinzo self comments the in his dealings v magic, hazard is essential. The significance of Kinzo’s magic is ‘miracles’, or to be an ext descriptive, ‘achieving a result despite an astronomically short probability that success’. Top top the meta level, the witch that embodies the principle of miracles is Bernkastel. In the mythos, her power is the she can actualize something as lengthy as it’s probability is not zero. Thus miracles. Her equivalent is Lambdadelta, the witch the certainty. Her power is the of transforming a high probability right into a particular probability, ie. Turning 99% into 100%. Every one of this ties into human willpower, and also in Umineko, exactly how that can ascend come the state of magic. So, when we have result that’s totally dependent top top the choices humans make, then human being minds are the just variables in this equations. Turning back to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, we have the eternal fight between Rika / Hanyuu and Takano Mio. The emphasis of the story was the boundless kakera Rika and also Hanyuu travelled through, trying to escape their unavoidable fate of gift killed. Why was this fate inevitable? that is the strength of certainty. Takano Mio actualized a fate because that Hinamizawa with sheer willpower, together an tremendous strength that mind the nobody might shatter the outcome, also after a thousands repetitions. That was, till Rika’s power of miracles take it shape. By utilizing an unfathomable willpower the her very own (and having actually hundreds of chances), she eventually overthrew Takano’s ‘certain fate’ despite near impossible odds, and completed a brand-new destiny. Or, for this reason the anime says. I haven’t actually read the intuitive novel so forgive me if the original finishing is a bit different, eheh… yet the point out remain. The only real explaination of exactly how Rika won though, is the her willpower ended up being stronger than Takano’s, and her certainty came to be a 99%. There’s just three states of probability: 0%, 100%, and everything in-between. It doesn’t matter just how low or exactly how high that in-between is, anything between 0% and also 100% is one uncertainty. And also uncertainties are open up to any kind of outcome; the only thing the determines which result is the will of humans. The is of food when managing probabilities concerning human action. And well, if you believe that cost-free will is the only thing the drives the universe toward various futures, then every little thing that wake up in the world has to be somehow resulted in to occur by the human mind. That’s beginning to sound a lot choose the Anthropic Principle… but yeah, girlfriend can conveniently see just how Umineko has made me think a lot around probability, and also the duty humans play in it. I guess, determining the path of fact is magic too, in a way.

The nature that ‘Truth’

What is real? What is ‘truth’? just how do you define truth? These room all important questions in life, yet are frequently overlooked. Umineko has provoked me right into thinking around these deceptively profound questions a lot much more deeply. Questioning a kid what ‘truth’ is, or what’s ‘real’, and also they’ll provide you a straightforward answer. “It’s what is.” Or other to that effect. But isn’t the the same as specifying a term utilizing the term? It’s almost like speak “truth = truth”, i beg your pardon doesn’t yes, really answer anything. Get in Umineko. In the an initial episode, told with Battler’s perspective, we space presented with a group of 18 human being attending a family conference ~ above the private island that Rokkenjima. The island is cut off native the outside people by a typhoon, and also people are murdered one by one. V no method to call the external world, everyone is killed, and also the corpses are discovered after the typhoon has passed. What taken place here? exactly how were these civilization murdered? only those who were murdered, and the murderer himself can know, and they are all gone. Autopsies cannot disclose anything; the incident is shrouded in finish mystery. What is the reality of those three days? What happened? Flash ago to the conference, prior to the murders have begun. A letter has actually been passed top top a child, young Maria, and also presented come the family at dinner. The letter proclaims the visibility of a 19th human being on the island, the fabled witch Beatrice. Part time after, human being are murdered one after another, and also Beatrice openly expose through much more letters that she is responsible for the murders. Our protagonist, Battler, refuses to accept the letter as truth and chooses his own truth: the witches and magic cannot perhaps exist, and that over there is a reasonable explanation because that the murders. One through one, the remaining world slowly begin to believe in the existence of the witch called Beatrice, and also in the black color magic supplied to kill their relatives and friends. This becomes their ‘truth’, and slowly, the golden Witch Beatrice starts to materialise in reality, ~ above this closed measurement of the island. By midnight, 17 civilization have accepted the existence of the witch Beatrice, and so the witch has nearly revitalized into the physics world. There is only one thing protecting against her native reigning end Rokkenjima together a god, and also that is Battler. Battler adamantly believes that the fact of the killing is the of human being action, and not magic or witches. He is the only one who has failed to expropriate the visibility of a witch named Beatrice, and also so, Beatrice cannot yet exist top top the island, due to the fact that belief in her existence is no unanimous. How does this every relate to truth? One can cal this consensus reality. What is reality, what is truth? How have the right to one prove something is real? How have the right to you prove that the human standing prior to you is nothing much more than an optical illusion? How deserve to you prove the the words lock say are the truth? How have the right to you prove they aren’t a illusion of your mind? No issue what one insurance claims to it is in true, over there is no way of prove it with 100% certainty. That is the flaw of humans, and a mistake many people make. In a people where nothing can be 100% proven, people subconsciously select faith to consist of for the absence of certainty. The is, faith in proof presented. Therefore, ns propose a logical an interpretation of ‘truth’. “Truth is what people agree is real.” This is the essence of agreement reality. Even the legislations of physics room purely ‘theory’. Us have evidence gathered by many proud scientists, and also we have actually chosen to place our belief in these theories as a collective. This faith ascends to the kingdom of truth; it becomes reality. As humans, us live in a totally uncertain world. You deserve to spend your life gathering all the proof you can to prove a simple fact, but in the end, your so-called “proof” can only ever amount to 99.999999999999% certainty. There is tho potential because that error, potential for brand-new evidence to overturn all formerly conceived thoughts. World once regarded the statement “the world is flat” as pure truth. Is the a red truth? as humanity’s background progressed, this truth was disproved completely, and a brand-new truth take it it’s place. A similar theme occurred in the fight between Battler and also Erika – the Witch of truth – in EP5. Erika declared to have actually reached the ‘truth’ the the murders, yet Battler to be able to conceive an alternating truth i beg your pardon was additionally possible, as such putting the authenticity of both ‘truths’ right into question. Without the divine intervention of reality from a higher plane, humankind will never recognize genuine truth. This bring me come the later on arcs the Umineko no Naku Koro ni, whereby the red reality was presented as a mechanic. Battler engages in a fight of twisted logic with the illusion the the witch Beatrice, and also to freckles the fight up a bit and give it an ext footing, Beatrice introduced the red truth. The ascendancy is that, any type of words offered by a witch in red room the absolute, undeniable truth. Particular truth, something the cannot be discovered in the human being world. Yet, also then, you may be questioning the red truth. “How is that 100% certain? How can you prove she isn’t lying v the red truth?” and that is a very valid dispute to make. With this interpretation, even the spiritual red truth come to be fallible, and also we are earlier to square one, where nothing deserve to be proven. However, for the services of the story (and indigenous a fictional standpoint), skip the legislation of the red reality will just serve come jeopardise the secret of Umineko altogether. If only humans had something choose the red truth, our reality would be much an ext easier to understand. Yet alas, we live in an uncertain world, and to act it together ‘solid’ and ‘complete’ is naive. Truths can adjust all the time, and perhaps reality really is shaped by person perception after ~ all. Or is it simply a matter of perception? Anthropic rule or not? girlfriend decide. But on the object of red truth, this leads me into my 3rd and last point.

Anti-Mystery VS. Anti-Fantasy

The Umineko readership has actually probably heard this a couple of times, however only the devoted fans really have an idea that what it in reality means. In a pointer revealed together an extra to one of the games, us are explained the principles of Anti-Mystery and also Anti-Fantasy. I encourage any Umineko readers that haven’t currently done for this reason to review up on the pointer in question, as it explains in detail what i am going to talk about. Anti-Fantasy is the default, the logic, the typical sense. Anti-Fantasy is all around cold tough facts, the science, the truth. Anti-Mystery, however, is a little more abstract. Anti-Mystery is, as the name implies, a pressure that denies the an enig genre. As Umineko is no a traditional an enig story, the ideas of Anti-Mystery and also Anti-Fantasy room in consistent conflict transparent the narrative. Yet to those who are still confused about anti-mystery, ns think there’s one profound quote in the Umineko stories (originating in EP4) i beg your pardon is very relevant come the an interpretation of anti-mystery:


“Without love, it cannot be seen.”

In EP2, Beatrice herself introduced herself to Shannon by explaining the “Love is the single most simple element in the world”. At the time we were caused to question whether she to be speaking what she really believed or not, but there’s no questioning the it’s a statement the reverberates transparent the totality series. Us encountered the theme of love again with Ange’s trademark: “Without love, it can not be seen.” In the context the Ange came to understand the it, it’s not just true the magic or mysteries, however of the world at large, that love is compelled to awareness the truth. Yet to bring it back to the context of the mystery genre, Anti-Mystery is, in a nutshell, the rejection of the mystery element. This is, as Ryukishi likes to placed it, as result of a absence of love, or a absence of faith perhaps. As soon as reading a secret novel, if you room not provided an indication that the an enig has a logical solution, then apprehension arises, and also if the reader chooses, lock collapse into the trap called “anti-mystery”. This uses to the outside world as well. As soon as one can not be comforted in the understanding of absolute proof, v a lack of certainty, they fall into anti-mystery. This bring away me earlier to the suggest I made earlier. “How deserve to you prove that Beatrice’s Red reality is 100% accurate? How can you prove that she isn’t lying v it?” as the tardy of anti-mystery stipulates, you cannot. You can not prove it. You can not prove noþeles in the human being with 100% certainty! Then, what is there left to do? once science and logic cannot host true, whereby does one turn? One could answer God, or faith. One could even price love. This is wherein ange’s words come to be so profound. Together I declared earlier, at the most straightforward breakdown, science IS faith. Everything is faith – confidence in the evidence provided. The laws of physics might be dictated to us by scholars approximately the world, but as long as over there is the potential for new evidence to totally overshadow what we know about the world and change everything, climate it is no certain. Therefore, that is up to united state as individauls – as temporal mortals – to choose what we ar our faith in, choose what teachings to believe in. This is the most basic malfunction of science, and also the nature of truth. Without love, nothing have the right to be seen. It additionally applies come the idea of motives in murder. When Battler is investigating the murders, that is compelled to decide between believing in the cold, tough evidence, or placing his belief in the ones he loves to reach the truth. I m sorry is the most favourable option, then? This is another way of explaining the conflict in between anti-mystery and anti-fantasy. Many think that a mix of both is compelled to reach the can be fried truth, and also that is a really valid claim. Looking at it this way, we know that logic and also evidence is compelled to with the truth, yet it’s likewise fair come say the it will only ever break through the barrier of anti-mystery and reach a conclusion as soon as we have the right to believe, as soon as we have the right to have love. That’s the conclusion I have actually reached.

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Consider the Japanese text a partial spoiler censor…

Anyway, i hope you’ve appreciated my rambling on several of the themes that Umineko and how they’ve influenced my thinking fairly dramatically. Ns feel therefore privileged to acquire to read such an impressive visual novel and get therefore much psychological stimulation from it. My brain is always ticking as soon as I’m reading Umineko! i still haven’t got to the reality of the games yet, yet I feel favor I’m acquiring pretty close. The hints are there, I’ve just gotta save thinking. Thanks for reading, and feel totally free to post your think below! I’d an extremely much appreciate hearing them.