Broken links are one ongoing concern in any kind of old fandom. The links for the fanfic recs for“Requiem” are fixed for the time being. My computer system time is limited now as result of severe osteoarthritis in mine hands. If you find a damaged link, post me and also I’ll carry out my ideal to uncover a functioning one. If you’ve uncovered a working attach yourself, even better. Friend can encompass it in your message and save my hand the work.

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P.S. If you have written fanfic for The X-Files, or for any fandom for that matter, and also you have actually not however posted it come AO3, please consider doing so. If Gossamer to be to disappear unexpectedly, because that example, it would certainly be catastrophic.

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I love this fanart for“Requiem.” Happy human being UFO Day, X-Philes.

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Fanfic Recs: Requiem

As you might imagine, there was a lot of fic written in an answer to “Requiem.” These space a couple of of mine favorites, in alphabet order by title.

Alunakanula (4174 words) through dashakayChapters: 1/1Fandom: The X-FilesRating: ExplicitWarnings: No save Warnings ApplyRelationships: Fox Mulder/Dana ScullySummary:

The moon has vanished.

The Crouching point by sarah Ellen ParsonsSpoilers: an extremely mild spoiler for: whatever including RequiemRating: PG-13Keywords: Scully, Scully-angst, SkinnerSummary: sometimes we see things we don’t want to see.

Cunegund’s repair by Livia BalabanSummary: “Herein: Romance, baby, recovered family, vindicated conspiracy theorists, turncoats unable to do good, re-grown limbs, loads of worldwide publicity, and also no more icky aliens. I can do it. Simply breathe, Livia. Simply breathe.”

Life as We Live it by Jaime LynCategory: MSR, Post-Requiem, fluff/angst of sortsRated: MatureSummary: “This is mine \"during-Requiem” fic, not “post-Requiem” fic. Take away place instantly following the “bedroom scene.” for this reason it’s no post-episode. It’s more….during episode? lacking scene? i don’t know. That makes more sense after you read it.“

Parabiosis by PenumbraS/MSR/Rated R/315KTimeline: 6th Extinction v RequiemSummary: Science and also Mysticism conjoinTagline: exception Prove The Rule

Strangers and the strange Dead (7982 words) through KiplerChapters: 3/3Fandom: The X-FilesRating: basic AudiencesWarnings: Creator determined Not To use Archive WarningsRelationships: Fox Mulder & Dana ScullyCharacters: Mulder ScullySummary:

In i m sorry dead bodies and also shivering civilization disturb the hilltown that Bradenton, and our young, orphaned narrator serves hot beverages to the investigate agents even as she ponders the peculiar, elusive nature of your relationship.

Tactile storage by Livia BalabanRating: NC-17Warnings: noneRelationships: Fox Mulder/Dana ScullySummary: Details are fading; she wants to remember. Requiem post-ep.

Tidings through AmbressRelationship: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully Rating: the author says R, I’d provide it a PG in ~ most. Spoilers: RequiemSummary: lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub

Would the I can Travel Both (2206 words) through MaidenjediChapters: 1/1Fandom: The X-FilesRating: Teen and also Up AudiencesWarnings: No archive Warnings ApplyRelationships: Fox Mulder/Dana ScullyCharacters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Cigarette smoking ManSummary:

Five time it all happened differently. Mulder/Scully, spoilers for Requiem, hit the Future, Emily, Pusher, and the Pilot.

It’s been six months or an ext since i last to update this blog. The original purpose for it—rewatching The X-Files before the miniseries aired—has come and gone. Why did ns quit? The truth is I gained derailed through the miniseries itself. I’d fully intended come come back to this but I simply couldn’t perform it. I was also depressed. I’d prepared myself because that the renewal to be bad, simply not that bad. However I don’t favor leaving tasks unfinished. At the really least, I wanted to complete season seven. ~ that, i make no promises. I’ll have to see just how it goes. There space fans who swear season eight is better than seven, which was the worst, so far.

This time through I watched the last episode the season 7 in light of whatever that 1013 has foisted ~ above the fans because it aired. “Requiem” was composed to end the season, and possibly the collection itself. If the collection had transitioned right into a movie franchise as all of the rule players had hoped the would, presumably the very first feature would have been about rescuing Mulder. If the series didn’t gain renewed, ns guess Carter wanted to tie up as many loosened ends as possible.

Even through those goals in mind, the plot makes tiny or no sense. The FBI audit step feels more like chris Carter talking back to the Fox Studio Executives around his budget plan than an yes, really plot point. Next, without official sanction, Mulder and also Scully head to Bellefleur, Oregon to inspection multiple abductions. That’s a quite touch, because that’s wherein they investigated their first case in the pilot episode. Yet then, because that no great reason, they revolve around and head back to Washington D.C., having solved nothing. At the urging the Alex Krycek, that is league again v Cigarette smoking Man, Mulder and also Skinner go back to Oregon come look for a downed spacecraft in the woods. Carry out they bring any backup follow me on this risky wild goose chase? They carry out not. (Backup? us don’t require no stinking backup!) He leaves Scully behind due to the fact that she’s an abductee. They’re acquisition abductees and also he “doesn’t desire to hazard losing” her. Fair enough. Except–right out from underneath Skinner’s nose, Mulder himself gets abducted! The last blow is finding out that Scully is pregnant. Good grief! just how is that even possible? together usual, Carter didn’t deal with anything—he just finished with the worst cliffhanger ever—at the very least until we gain to “My struggle II.”

Despite its numerous shortcomings, “Requiem” is the best, many memorable illustration of season 7 by a long shot, and also certainly the many moving. Reluctantly I have come approximately to the place that it could have been the best ending for the series. It’s far much more emotionally resonant than “The Truth,” which was a pointless, static clip show. It’s light-years front of “My struggle II” in every respect: the composing is serviceable, the acting is stellar, the cinematography, breathtaking.

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Mulder gaining the proof he want of alien abduction by gift abducted self carries a particular poetic justice. Watching that step right into the one of irradiate shining down from the heavens is surely one of the many beautiful images ever before filmed because that The X-Files. But it is likewise one that the saddest because this is the minute where the collection that ns loved finished forever. Dana Scully is my favourite character of every time but it was your partnership the made the collection so compelling come watch. Together a drama, The X-Files without Fox Mulder simply doesn’t work. It can’t work, at least not for me.