Since their first Year in 2013, the Models "Star bolt " and "Bolt R-Specs " have got to the Top of the Yamaha Cruiser brand also sales card. And with present Sales of 141 Per cent last Year, it"s clear that Demand for air-cooled, 942cc 60-Degree V-Twin is thriving. The brand-new C-spec 2015 bolt increases the Platform"s Appeal via Coffee-influenced ERGOS and also Styling.
2015 Yamaha Bolt C Specs Silver
2015 Yamaha Bolt C Specs Green
The Powertrain continues to be unchanged from the base and R-spec models, as perform the dual cradle frame, 3.2-Gallon fuel tank, steel Wings, 12-Spoke molding wheels and Breakwater Reactors. The Parts that offer the C-spec its coffee racer look and also feel actors with the Clip-on poles that Positioned hands an excellent 4 Inches forward and also a few Inches deeper. The Footrests were blended 6 Inches backwards and 1.25 Inches better, while a redesigned and also thicker saddle pincluded via a detachable solo saddle cover completes the classical Coffee-racer triangle. Although the Pod of Bolt"s renowned LCD instrument has actually been repositioned at the Top of the Triple Clamp, it is unfortunate that a Lap counter has not been incorporated as Part of sports Metamorphosis.The C-spec does not depend solely on appearance as it racks the Curves between House and also Coffee. Thanks To the 41mm KYB fork, which sheathes much longer 9mm hoses in classic Rubber boots, and also via adjustable KYB dampers extended 6mm, it has actually a sportier Posture. The Ride Height climbed 1.6 Inches for an improvement of 37 Degrees slim bend (it"s 33 Degrees for a Standard Screw), and also the Michelin Commander II tyres were chosen for their sportier managing Character.
2015 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Black
2015 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Green
2015 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Silver
I invested a Day aboard the C-Spec on a Press Tour and also uncovered that it offers the exact same perfect refueling and also the Same Softness, simple to regulate power shipment that already made the Bolt for Beginners and also experienced drivers prefer. The Seat is very comfortable and slim enough to deny the Top Height of 30.1 Inches. And it likewise enables overcrowding Of the Reservoir if You wish, as the Selection of Bars is reminiscent of a Sports bike from the Time of 80.The Handling is herbal and also exceptionally secure, sustained by a Tower that absorbs all The Bumps, however the toughest. The Single-disc front Brake Provides enough Force to howl the Tire. And as with any kind of good Coffee Grinder, the Ankle lifters (and more) are bent slightly fiery in a brief Period of time.If the original Bolt was accsupplied of being in The sights of the ubiquitous Harley-Davidboy Sportster 883, then, by giving Star Motorcycle, the new 2015 C-spec directly collection the Goal of Triumph Thruxton on the Subject of the same. Star, though, believes it has actually the undercover competition in Price, Performance, Comfort and also Comfort.I say it takes a Cafe racer

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