To configure the network settings from simple PrinterCare (Windows), pick Settings tab, NetworkSettings. Indigenous Printer energy (Mac OS), pick ConfigurationGroup, Network Settings. You have the right to viewand configure the complying with network settings.

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IP construction method: specifythe way to set an IP resolve between BOOTP, DHCP, Auto IP, and also Manual
IP address: clues theIP resolve on the publish server, duplicate IP addresses ~ above a TCP/IP networkare not allowed
If you change the present IP address and click Apply,the internet browser loses the current connection to the print server since it ispointing to the old address. To reconnect, browser to the new IP address.
Subnet mask: point out asubnet mask, which is a 32-bit number applied to one IP resolve to determinewhich bits specify the network and subnet and which bits uniquely specifythe node
Default gateway: specifythe IP deal with of a router or computer system that is offered to connect to other networksor sub-networks, if nobody exist, usage the IP address of the computer or theIP resolve of the print server
Domain name: point out thename of the DNS domain that the print server resides in, because that example,,note the it go not include the hold name; it is not the totally qualifieddomain name, such together
Idle timeout: specifythe variety of seconds that an idle link is enabled to remain open, 270is the default value, if set to zero, the timeout is disabled and also TCP/IP connectionsremain open until close up door by the other node (such together a workstation) ~ above thenetwork
Default IP: clues theIP resolve to use as soon as the publish server is unable to obtain an IP addressfrom the network when powered top top or once reconfigured to use BOOTP or DHCP
Send DHCP requests: specifywhether DHCP requests room transmitted as soon as a tradition default IP attend to ora default Auto IP is assigned
To configure the same network settings from the frontpanel, push the Menu vital togo come the main menu and also select the Connectivity menu symbol
, then Fast Ethernet, Modifyconfiguration.




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