A current New York times Magazine piece concentrated on the expression \"you execute you\" (and its different \"do you\"), an interpretation something choose a strong affirmation come \"be yourself.\"

The article associates the expression with a narcissistic \"millennial\" culture, implying the it has end up being popular an extremely recently. Concerning its etymology, the writer only asserts: \"\"Do you\" definitely sallies soon from black color vernacular, also if the nature the its mundane parts makes its beginning Google-­proof,\" i beg your pardon sounds like an appropriate difficulty for this forum.

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Some comment on this post have posited the the phrase and also usage is older, at the very least dating to the 1990s. Any kind of thoughts on etymology or background would be welcome.


The full phrase this originated from is \"do you and also I\"ll perform me\". Another variation is \"doyou-cuz I\"mma execute me\". The earliest reference to the phrase that I could find is indigenous the track Do You through Funkmaster Flex (featuring DMX), from the album Volume IV, released on December 5, 2000.

This can be a sport of the expression \"do her thing\", which has remained in use for at least a century.



1818 Frankenstein ( mary Shelly) thing 19 excerpt.

Do you,’ said I, ‘enjoy yourself, and also let this it is in our rendezvous. I might be lacking a month or two; but do no interfere v my motions, ns entreat you; leave me come peace and also solitude.

That saying is at least 200 year old! just stumbled ~ above this short article after listening come the read of this.



Earliest quotable referral that i know first hand comes from a track by gigantic Robot and also Hosni native 2004, here is the quote: \"let\"s simply say I execute me, you execute you, the distinction is ns know just what to do\" - a specific degree the irony that can be detected right here indicates the the expression must have actually existed for some time already prior to 2004.

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