Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef Of Destruction: 10 Things About The Video Game That Make No Sense Yu-Gi-Oh: Reshef Of Destruction is a spin-off of the primary series which is filled via aspects that can be frustrating and make no sense.

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Split image showing the cover of Yu-Gi-Oh-Reshef-of-Destruction and also a scene from the game
Yu-Gi-Oh: Reshef Of Destruction is a unique spin-off to the Yu-Gi-Oh! series which left a lot of fans through mixed feelings. By changing many the major attributes that come via most Yu-Gi-Oh! games, Reshef Of Destruction have the right to obtain pretty confusing.

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In any kind of instance, that does not necessarily make Reshef Of Destruction a poor game. Tbelow are fans that controlled to enjoy it, but, also to the the majority of faithful of players, the game included some functions that made zero sense and also could have actually easily been skipped through nobody complaining.

Information about the Toon Dark Magician Girl as seen in Yu-Gi-Oh-Reshef-of-Destruction
One of the first points that stand out in Reshef Of Destruction is the emphasis on attributes. When monsters on the field fight each other, their assault and defense points are meaningmuch less. Instead, it is a fight of qualities. A light-type monster deaccomplishments a dark type, and a thunder type defeats a water type.

This might make sense to some level, but seeing the all-effective 3000 Attack Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which takes 2 sacrifices to summon, get beat by a 300 Attack, 1-star kuriboh is slightly disappointing.

9 Deck Building

View from over od a duel as viewed in Yu-Gi-Oh-Reshef-of-Destruction
Due to the attributes system, deck building has actually a completely various emphasis compared to other games in the series. The player"s goal is to produce a brand-new deck for every matchup that simply consists of all features that the opponent"s deck is weak to.

For instance, if the opponent is primarily making use of Water-kind monsters, the player fills his deck through Thunder-type monsters and the duel is pretty a lot over. It"s even more around having the correct attributes than having a combo deck that feels mainly solid.

Player earning a Domino Coin in Yu-Gi-Oh-Reshef-of-Destruction
Although taking advantage of qualities could seem choose a simple way to beat the game, this is not precisely the instance. In order to obtain sufficient monsters of each form, most grinding will be forced.

The player is required to repeat the very same duels just to acquire a few more Domino Coins to buy also a solitary card, and also it does not feel exactly rewarding given that it isn"t a deck that the player chose to play, however rather something that they are forced to buy in order to progression the game.

7 Bakura

Bakura speaking in Yu-Gi-Oh-Reshef-of-Destruction
Bakura and his shadow develop Yami Bakura are two of the main personalities that appear in eexceptionally Yu-Gi-Oh! game. However before, for some factor, Yami Bakura is just seen when throughout a vision, while Bakura doesn"t appear at all in Reshef Of Destruction.

As 2 of the most iconic personalities of the series, the developers" alternative to totally skip them is considered by many kind of fans a questionable alternative, especially considering that tbelow does not seem to be a specific factor for their absence.

Anvarious other attribute that creates confusion among the fans is that life points bring over to the next duel. If the player finished a duel through 2000 life points, unless they went earlier home to heal, they will start the next duel with those 2000 points.

The primary frustration, various other than having to constantly go back and forth to heal, comes later on in the game where the player hregarding challenge multiple adversaries in a row without healing. Also, to make matters worse, excess life points over 8000 carry out not carry over to the next duel.

5 Weak Starter Deck

In all Yu-Gi-Oh! games, it is only rational for the player to start via a weaker deck and develop a better one as the game progresses. However, in Reshef Of Destruction, the starter deck is exceptionally weak.

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It is mainly filled through 300/400/500 assault monsters through just a few attributes and also virtually usemuch less spells (Sparks - Deal 50 (!) damages to the opponent"s LP). As a result, this renders most matchups with others nearly difficult unless the player starts grinding in order to buy brand-new cards.

Anvarious other point that renders Reshef Of Destruction seem so frustrating is its raised difficulty. Especially when compared to its" prequel: Sacred Cards, which was exceptionally easy and also also boring for some fans, Reshef Of Destruction went the complete oppowebsite method, and also also to the extreme.

From a too-easy game, the developers moved to a too-challenging game, leaving fans of the series break-up between an easy however boring game and a complicated however frustrating sequel.

3 Continuous Monster Effects

One of the primary things added in Reshef Of Destruction is the existence of consistent monster results. Comparable to the popular constant spell cards, their effects are always energetic as lengthy as they are in play. However before, not only are these considered uncrucial enhancements which make the game more complex, but their effects are calculated separately at the beginning of each revolve. With the game having actually to constantly recalculate any of these results, duels can come to be frustratingly lengthy.

One tedious aspect of the game is the reoperated mechanism of card capacity. While, in the original games, the capacity is ranged between 40 (minimum) and also 60 (maximum), through each card counting for 1, in Reshef Of Destruction, points are various.

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Many rare cards take more than one capacity, thus making the player have to use as few of them as possible to avoid having actually a very tiny deck. However before, what makes no feeling is that the exact same limitations execute not apply to anyone else, and also NPCs have actually huge decks filled through rare cards.

1 Card Restrictions

Following up on the system of card capacity, card restrictions are likewise refunctioned. The mechanism, in theory, appears comparable to the original games, with some cards being limited to only one or two duplicates of them in the deck.

However, simply like card capacity, this gets frustrating as soon as it does not use to opponents. Losing to someone that has 3 Raigeki spells in their deck while the player is only limited to one does not make the many feeling.

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